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Prisoner to Entertainment

Prisoner to Entertainment is a Half Life 2 level mod that has the player escape from a snuff film set after being kidnapped in a parking garage.

HL2 1.png

Platforms: PC

Production Duration: September 2018 - December 2018

Release Date: December 2018

Production Role: Level Designer

The intent for Prisoner to Entertainment is a short horror/thriller experience.

HL2 2.png

The level has the player start in a parking garage after work, but once they get close to their car, they are attacked from behind and taken to an underground facility where they are forced to watch someone be killed, before they are attacked themselves.

Luckily, the room's previous victim has dropped a crowbar, allowing the player to fight back against their assailant. After escaping their cell, the player can begin their journey to escape.

Attached is my documentation including my original level design sketches and reference photos for the level. 

This level was originally created for my Level Design 2 final during my time in Champlain College.

For the concept, I really wanted to create a horror environment with a realistic edge, rather than use the zombie assets. With horror, it is my own philosophy that people are scarier than any monster.

To further emphasize my perspective, I added many details throughout the level hinting at how the player's captors are still people, albeit terrible ones. These details include empty boxes of Chinese food by a couch and in the trash in the editing room, a chessboard in the fake basement room alongside decorative plants, posters, and an overall human touch to the concrete dungeon.

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