Allegrezza Harmony

Allegrezza Harmony is a Rhythm RPG that has players control three mermaid princesses as they go throughout their daily lives of blending into human society and fighting demons from the deep sea who wish to capture them.

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Platforms: Mac and PC

Production Duration: 2014 - Present

Demo Release Date: 2017

Production Role: Lead Designer, Narrative Designer, Level Designer, and Systems Designer

My intent for Allegrezza Harmony was to create a narrative experience about people's self discoveries during their teenage years in a modern fantasy setting which is enhanced by the gameplay itself.

The gameplay in Allegrezza Harmony is divided into two sections: Daily Life and Battles.

Daily Life


Daily Life has the player control the main character, Mia Hanamura, as she goes through her daily life. Every day the player can decide what she does during the daytime and what she does during the evening with some exceptions for story events and random events.

During the daytime, Mia can study (if it's a school day), spend time with someone in an insight event, shop for items, cook up healing items, and many other ways to spend the hours away.

During the evening, Mia can spend time with party members in their insight events, go out to purify monsters in the forest, or simply go to bed early.

Insight Events are special events where Mia connects with another person in her town and learns more about them within their own personal story cutscenes. The more time Mia spends with that person, the closer their bond will grow. If the bond reaches its maximum, Mia will receive a special item or ability that can only be received from that person.


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Battles occur when the player going into the woods to purify monsters and on certain in-game days when demon invasions occur. They follow a traditional JRPG format in which the player chooses between normal attacks, skills, and guarding for each other their party members. Turn order is decided by each character's speed stat. 

Allegrezza Harmony started out as a passion project when I was a teenager, as a fanmade reboot of the 2002 manga, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. As my skills as a game designer improved, the further and further Allegrezza Harmony got from its source material, but my own improvements made me want to keep going forward and put it to completion. After hard drive corruptions and other complications that have resulted in the project starting from scratch multiple times, I was overjoyed when I was finally able to put out a proper demo in 2017.

As of now, it is what I mostly focus on when not working on game projects for other teams, as this is what got me involved in game development in the first place.


This is a portion of the Day System Document. The numbers in parenthesis dictate the in-game variable for the set calendar day, so I know what to reference for event purposes.

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