Blood To Ink

Blood to Ink is a narrative mystery games for tablets that has the player control an investigative writers in the 1950's with the goal of finding the secrets behind the murder of deceased Hollywood actor, Alfred Glenn. Players must search and investigate the deceased's home and interview his friends, family, and associates.

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BTI Title.png

Production Role: Narrative Designer, Puzzle Designer, and Narrative Strike Team Leader

Platforms: Tablet

Production Duration: January 2019 - April 2019

Team Disco🕺Vision

Production began for our senior capstone in September of 2018 and I was added onto the team in December of 2018 for my narrative design skills. I officially began working with Team Disco🕺Vision in January of 2019. I was responsible for the design of the "Memento Mori Cabinet", the dialogue for Craig Porter, Beverly Penny-Glenn, and Terrance Crain, the dialogue flow charts for all characters, the narrative storyboard, and various small pieces of writing.


As Blood to Ink is a murder mystery game taking cues from classic detective noir stories, interviewing and presenting suspects with potential evidence is an important part of gameplay. Because of this, it was very important to make sure that the dialogue read well to players as well as had a good flow. Below is one of the dialogue charts created for the conversation partially shown in the above gif.


BTI Dialogue Flow Chart - Copy of Beverl

All character dialogue was written in Inky and then were put into Unity. Everything from character portrait calls to story flag setting was through inky. Below is an excerpt from the conversation I wrote that was previously seen.


Memento Mori Cabinet Puzzle


The Memento Mori Cabinet Puzzle is a puzzle that came to me while I was trying to take a nap. Before I fell asleep, I wrote down the concept before presenting it to my team the next day.

The basic concept of the puzzle is that players are presented with a bookshelf with a cabinet on the bottom half that's locked. Each book can be switched around and has a unique title. There is a sun on one side of the shelf and a moon on the other. The solution to the puzzle is to put books with titles pertaining to life on the sun side of the shelf and books pertaining to death on the moon side. Once the books are organized, the cabinet will unlock.


Above is the original concept of the shelf. Originally, the book themes were to be around day and night, but finding book titles from before the year Blood to Ink takes place in that have reference to day or night was more difficult than life or death. However, the final art of the cabinet came in at this point, so we still kept the sun and moon design. Players were still able to figure out the puzzle with the final art currently in the game.